George and Peter Scouras, two brothers of Greek descent, fled war torn Europe to the United States. They would find themselves in Buffalo NY, where they would eventually start a painting company known as Bison Painting & Decorating. From that moment on, the two brothers would work day and night to achieve the American dream, and later would open a restaurant in 1972 to propel themselves to that dream. That restaurant would be known as Towne Red Hots, later changed to The Towne Restaurant. The Towne would introduce Buffalo to souvlaki, a signature dish copied by many but perfected by few, that would make the Towne a staple in Buffalo food.

Since then, the businesses have flourished, and passed down to the next generation of the family, George’s children; Paul, Dino, Eleni and Artemis. Continuing their family’s legacy, the siblings have continued to run the businesses and innovate just as their parents before them did.